Experience the Magic of Monsoon at Bellmont Caves: The Best 5 Star Resort in Jim Corbett

Are you still confuse and wondering about your monsoon trip? You landed on perfect place where your desire of magical stay turns into the reality with Best 5 star resort in jim corbett , Bellmont Caves (formerly known as Brys Caves). Monsoon is the most enchanting season of India. It  feels like blessing in the heat waves of summer. Allow Bellmont Caves to bring heavenly experience of jungle and nature in its cave style architecture with modern amenities to you. 

Well, wondering about monsoon in jungle, and staying in cave style property with luxury and comfort without compromising on the peace and calmness , isnt it excited?. Break your monotonous daily hectic schedule of city life and thrill your weekend in this monsoon season. And let the nature begin its magic .

Discover the Unique Cave Theme

Bellmont caves is not only the resort but it is a whole experience in itself, the architecture of resort is built on inspiration of jungle and  natural caves to give you primitive vibes in modern era . Bellmont caves has its own unignorable beauty but the arrival of monsoon makes it more appealing and magical. This is the perfect time of the month to create beautiful and unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

As we offers:
         Cave-theme Rooms:

    • Deluxe Rooms: These rooms  in 550 square feet area offer comfort bedding , washroom with bathtubs, other infrastructure  and elegance with stunning views
    • Executive Rooms: Indulge in luxury with cave size 825 sq feet , shower, LED tv, working desk , king size Bed, Jacuzzi, Mini Fridge, wardrobe, Tea and Coffee maker, safet locker , and many more.
    • King caves: Experience royal treatment in our king caves, designed for family stay with 1250 sq feet, LED Tv , working desk, king size bed, Jacuzzi, mini fridge , wardrobe, Safety Locker , luxury toiletries, Tea/coffee maker .
    • Queen Caves: Elegant and charming, the Queen Caves offer a suite rooms with a living area, a bathroom with a Jacuzzi, and 3 LED TVs 54” – 2 in the bedroom and 1 in the Living Room.
    • Shivalik Suites: Named after the Shivalik Hills these suites provide a Cave Size 1400Sq Feet, shower, LED TV, Working Desk, and much more.
    • Treehouse: For a unique experience, stay in our Treehouse, offering Cave Size 1900Sq Feet, shower, LED Tv , Working Desk, and many more.

Enjoy Our Soundproof Disc

Dance the night away in our soundproof disc without worrying about disturbing the peace of the natural surroundings. The monsoon season adds a magical touch to the experience, making the lights and music feel even more vibrant.

Relax at Our Spa

If you want to relax yourself after enjoying your day in monsoon activities, you can try our spa , mean while kids can enjoy in kidzone , and if you are enthusiastic for fitness , you can also try our in-house gym and elders of family can relax themselves in meditation centre with personalized trainer. Our spa offers a range  of treatments designed to relax and rejuvenate with freshly picked forest essential .

Participate in Evening Activities

Bellmont Caves,the 5 star family resort in jim corbett offers a range of evening activities to make your stay even more enjoyable. From cultural performances to bonfires, there’s always something happening to keep you entertained.

Bellmont restaurant jim corbett

Enjoy Hi-Tea in Our Lawn

One of the best ways to enjoy the monsoon is by having a relaxing hi-tea session in our beautifull lawn. The  drops of rain will perform melody for your ears and the happily cheering trees and plant and singing bird’s sight and the aroma of freshly brewed tea  will make your monsoon trip more worthy.

Delight in Gourmet Dining

The best resort in jim corbett national park offers a variety of dining cuisine for every taste palate. Enjoy rich taste of indian species and multi-cuisine meals prepared by our expert chefs, with the monsoon adding an extra touch of magic to every bite.

Sum up

Bellmont Caves , the best 5-star luxury resort in Jim Corbett; it’s an opportunity to an unforgettable monsoon experience. From the unique 40 cave-themed rooms to the different activities and luxury  amenities, each moment spent in Brys caves will add a bookmark to your life’s dairy. So, come and discover the magic of the monsoon at Bellmont Caves – your perfect retreat in Jim Corbett.

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